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tumblr friendships are hard to maintain like im sorry i know i havent talked to you in 5 months but you’re still super rad and i still consider us friends im just dumb


At age nine, Robert Lutece informs his mother that he plans to become a scientist. She smoothes his hair back and kisses his forehead and tells him that he is the most intelligent boy in the world – that for him, nothing is impossible. The world is his oyster. For his birthday he receives a high-quality microscope and a bookshelf brimming with brand new science textbooks.

At age nine, Rosalind Lutece informs her mother that she plans to become a scientist. Her mother laughs and pats her on the shoulder – tells her that laboratories are hardly the place for a young lady like herself. Science is dangerous work, after all. Bold aspirations are unseemly. For her birthday she receives a new pair of shoes and a green ribbon for her hair, which she promptly throws in the garbage.

The only difference between them is a chromosome, Rosalind says. But a chromosome, it seems, can make all the difference in the world.


Relativity by Orix (via kisu-no-hi)


The Last Us: Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

"Produced by filmmaker Sam Raimi. Written by The Last of Us director Neil Druckmann.”

Oh. Oh shit. Not a rumor.

Being written by the creative director of the game itself.

What’s the plural of “Animus”? Is it “Animuses”? “Animi”? What do you think, Lucy? …Lucy?
↳ Assassin’s Creed

Round 07 // HatingCoriander vs Mad-Adam
Female character [Lucy Stillman]

anything for the crown, c r o w n,   c    r    o    w    n
when the lights dimming down, down, down
i spin around ‘cause I’m a primadonna girl, yeah
all I ever wanted was  t h e   w o r l d

        Dedicated to mademoiselle taylor

Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)

engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903